1957 Pink Cadillac For Weddings

1957 Pink Cadillac Classic American Car

Hire This 1957 Pink Cadillac For Your Wedding

This is our beautiful Pink Cadillac.

The Cadillac is in mountain laurel pink with an alpine white roof. Leather upholstery, power windows, five seats plus the driver! Pillarless - allowing for seamless photographs

The original 1957 advertising described this model as Beautiful, Elegant, Spacious, Stylish, Glamorous and Luxurious. We think the perfect
Wedding Car!

Imagine…you dressed in an exquisite 1950’s design wedding dress and chauffeur driven to the church in our glamorous 1957 Cadillac!!

Our stunning Pink Cadillac, originally from Hollywood, is elegant and luxurious, with sumptuous leather upholstery, lots of sparkling chrome inside and out. The colour, mountain laurel pink, soft and subtle the perfect colour to compliment your wedding dress wonderfully. The power windows when down create an uninterrupted view…just perfect for those magical pictures

Both cars carry tissues, emergency sewing kit and an umbrella!